Podacst: The DJ Sakir Episode

DJ Sakir reminds us of DJs like King Britt and Geology, equal parts soulful and ecletic. She joins the crew on this episode to talk music, art and life. We get into the origins of her creativity and her forthcoming DJ lifestyle brand OHM, how she deals with the male-dominated DJ culture, booking gigs in Brooklyn, growing up in Florida and participating in the Zulu Nation, private events vs. club gigs, and what exactly is “ear intelligence.” Plus, we dicuss the Wu-Tang sculpture album, Jay-Z’s medallion controversy, Noir Soul, Shazam, Blood, Sweat and Heels, Puerto Rico and The Rocksteady Crew, Idris Elba vs. Questlove, and roman numerals. We close with The King of TV crushing Netflix. Make sure to check DJ Sakir’s webpage and get on them mixes! Thanks to BrooklynRadio.com and Ishlabs Studios. Shouts to Buendia Brooklyn, Effwhatuheard podcast and Food Riot!

Podcast: The Gentrification Episode

This week the crew discusses gentrification. We provide context to this complex issue by talking about being priced out of neighborhoods, how class and race define the issue, the benefits of gentrification and some tips for assimilaitng to Brooklyn culture in our Anti-Gentrifier’s Guide. All that plus Frank Ocean, Gang Starr, Carmelo and the Knicks, HBO Go, bongos and the King of TV breaking down True Detective. Thanks to BrooklynRadio.com, Ishlabs and Mixcloud! 

Podcast: The We Back Episode

The crew is back for the new year and we play catch-up. We talk about the Grammy Awards, the Macklemore controversy, Kanye’s influence on the Kendrick/Imagine Dragons mash-up and whether Lorde’s win means a return to conscious lyrics. We then talk about what was new for us in 2013. We follow that up with some sports talk, whether defense wins championships, Richard Sherman, will Carmelo stay, prostitutes and new media. All that plus The King of TV, the miracle known as the bluetooth speaker, hats, sharing Netflix, and Dungeons and Dragons. Please note that this was recorded prior to the Super Bowl. Special thanks to Stephen Rafferty for joining us (@metalrafferty), BrooklynRadio.com and Ishlab Studio. Special shout out to the Mello Music Group for bringing the heat in 2013. Be sure to check out their latest releases here. Thanks for listening!

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